Celeste Haselton is Student Debt USA¹s Office Manager and Director of IT. She manages the processing and payment departments and oversees customer service efforts. Originally from California, Celeste fell in love with Boston during her college years at Wellesley and soon after, her altruistic nature drew her to Student Debt USA. A big fan of film, literature, music, the performing arts, and her cat (whom she calls one of three names on any given day: Kitten, Max, or Ririsu), Celeste keeps pretty busy outside of work. When asked to name her role models, Celeste spouted off an impressive list. Of course it started with family and her high school history teacher Misha Hudson, but then…famous people, including Range Murata, Inio Asano, Nathan Fielder, Joanna Newson, Victoria Beckham, Keita Takahashi, Leo Tolstoy, Hayao Miyazaki, and Osamu Tezuka. “And oh my gosh, David Attenborough!”