Meet Mary K. After graduating with her degree in International Peace & Conflict Resolution, she found herself seeking employment without much luck. Her high student loan payment became an unavoidable burden, and though she tried to work with her loan servicer to find a reasonable plan, the customer service agent wasn’t very transparent about other options.

“I chose to switch to an extended fixed payment plan, though it was just the lesser of two evils,” Mary said. “I reached out to my loan servicer for help, and while I never had any customer service issues, they were definitely not forthcoming about any other payment options.”

Now, fast forward a bit. Typically, catching up with the relatives means prolonged hugs and a home-cooked meal. Fortunately, Mary’s mother received much more than that during a visit with her sister.

“My mom told [my aunt] about how expensive my student loan payments were, and my aunt jumped at the chance to recommend Student Debt USA. She had used the service to find a better loan payment option after completing a medical assistant program,” Mary said. “She even made my dad promise to call Student Debt USA for more information.”

So Mary filled out a contact form online and within an hour, a Student Debt USA representative called her up.

“I was surprised at how quick the whole process was,” Mary said. “I told Andrew [COO & Co-Founder of Student Debt USA] my situation and we began exploring my options. He was very forthcoming about all of the different payment plans and which ones he believed would make the most sense for me.”

By the end of that hour, the proper paperwork was in place and Mary’s monthly payments had dropped from $362/mo to $0/mo–and get this, these zero-dollar payments are still qualified under her income based repayment plan.

“Having this new plan has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Student Debt USA and my new repayment plan have made things more stable for me. I can do more of what I want to do and not worry so much about student loans hanging over my head,” Mary said. “I can focus on all the good experiences I had at school and be proud that I attended college, no matter which way my career path goes.”

Many students leave college unaware of all of the different loan repayment plans that are available. If you’re stuck with high student loan payments each month, just like Mary was, and want to find a way to lower your monthly payments and even receive loan forgiveness, click on the image below. We look forward to helping you find a student loan repayment plan that meets your financial needs!

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