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Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal program that allows loan forgiveness for qualified full-time (30+ hours/week) employees who work for a variety of employers (typically government or non-profit).

During this program, a borrower’s payments are typically adjusted to lower, more manageable levels (based on income and family size) and after 120 qualifying monthly payments, the outstanding loan balance (along with any accrued interest) is forgiven.

The downside is that enrolling into the PSLF and ensuring compliance with it can be cumbersome and time consuming. It is absolutely something that you can do yourself, but our clients have hired and paid us to take it off their plate because they know it gets done the right way.

Once you contact us (via phone, email, messaging, FB, Instagram, even a carrier pigeon!) we will quickly review your situation with you to determine whether you are a good fit for the PSLF program. If you are, we will gather everything we need over the phone and begin the enrollment process. Your payments will be reduced according to the best fit for you.

Complete loan forgiveness
Federal Student Debt 100%

We will send everything over to the Department of Education and ensure you’re enrolled into the correct payment program as shown above. We’ll get your accounts setup and open the lines of communication between you, us, and your loan servicer, whether it be FedLoan, Navient, or another entity.

It’ll take some time (usually 3-6 months), but we’ll stay on your application and follow it through to enrollment. Once you’re in, we’ll make sure you stay in by checking every month to make sure your payments have been made. If they haven’t, we’ll reach out (usually via text) to see what’s going on. Every year we will recertify you to make sure that you’re still enrolled in the program and your payments are counting toward the ultimate forgiveness.

In short, we quarterback the process for you and give you the absolute best chance for success (and loan forgiveness!). Ultimately, we offer peace of mind and the elimination of the uncertainty that so often surrounds student loans and this PSLF specifically. Don’t take our word for it, check out the 100+ 5-star reviews on google from our clients. We hope to help you too!

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